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At Hoyle Court, we follow the Digital Literacy scheme of work by the South West Grid for Learning. This covers various aspects of staying safe online, the reliability of information we find online and copyright. An overview of the lessons covered can be found here.

Here you’ll find lots of information about how to stay safe when using the Internet. Here at Hoyle Court we follow the SMART rules for staying safe:

National Online Safety – Everything you need to know about keeping children safe online; including information on Child Protection and gamingย 

Child Exploitation & Online Protection (CEOP)

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre work to protect children online.ย  They have a reporting button for children and parents to use if necessary.ย  It is important that we all know how to report something online; our KS2 children have been made aware of this button. Click on the button to learn more about CEOP and find out how to report someone online.

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