Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament  meets regularly to represent and discuss pupil views. It has representatives from each class in key stages one and two. They are the voice of the pupils and regularly discuss issues, collect ideas and gather pupils’ views from their classes.

The Pupil Parliament has worked hard to try to improve how lunchtimes work at Hoyle Court. This included the representatives from each class discussing what works well during lunchtime and what could be better. With help from their peers, the Pupil Parliament  came up with several ways to improve pupils’ experiences. We made posters to remind children of the behaviour expected in the dinner hall. We also made and decorated table runners which are part of our ‘Table of the Week’ prize which also rewards those children doing the right thing at lunchtimes.

Attendance Award
We recently introduced an award to promote good attendance. In order to come up with a list of exciting prizes, School Councillors discussed ideas for prizes with their classes. The children came up with a wide range of ideas and we decided that activities that the whole family could enjoy should be chosen.

Money raised by the PTA
Our amazing PTA as raised lots of money through events such as our discos and Christmas fair. They asked the school council to gather views on how we could spend the money. Children across school made suggestions as to how we could all benefit from the money. We now enjoy lots of lunchtime equipment and a poly tunnel to grow plants in!

Meet Our Members
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