Supporting your child’s learning at home.

We continue to face challenges with Covid-19 and other illnesses. Sometimes children may not be able to come to school if they are potentially contagious or unwell. Even if children are carrying a virus or another illness, they may be well enough to access learning. Please only guide your child towards home learning, if they are well enough to do so.

We have developed an overview for Key stage 2, Key stage 1 and Early Years. Whilst this is no substitution for a face to face learning offer, it will mean that your child can continue to make progress when working from home.

The curriculum documents for your child in terms of long term planning and curriculum overview are on the website.

The links below will provide further information / links to support your child learning at home.

Our teachers will do their upmost to provide feedback to any learning which is submitted, however it is not possible for staff to be offering live learning and pre-recordings as they have to continue to offer a face to face learning offer to the majority in school.

Our teachers are always available on Seesaw, should you need to contact them and ask for any further guidance.

One of the main things you can do with your child is encourage them to read. We encourage children to read as much as possible at home, we often suggest ‘little and often’ to keep your child enthusiastic about reading. Listening to your child read and talking to them about their reading is essential. We encourage children to:
• Read widely for pleasure and enjoyment, seeing themselves as confident, expert readers.
• Choose texts from a wide variety of authors and text types.
• Pursue favourite authors and series but also discover and explore new authors and text types.
• Learn how to select and choose texts but also to challenge themselves in their selection.

Please follow the links below to support your child in learning at home.