Good attendance is vital if your child is to achieve and make good progress. Poor attendance can result in slow rates of progress and lower attainment, as well as missing out on learning experiences and the possibility of problems socialising with other pupils. We monitor attendance daily and work closely with the Education Welfare Officers to ensure the best support is offered to all our families.

Please notify us by phone (01274 581898) or email ( to let us know and explain your child’s absence. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of your child, we will contact you if we have not received notification from you. If we have concerns about a child’s attendance or punctuality, we will contact you to discuss how this might be improved. If contact cannot be made a home visit may be carried out.

Being late for school makes it hard for your child to learn. The school doors usually open at 8.50 am and close at 9 am. If your child is late arriving at school, please sign in on the computer screen in the entrance.

During Covid however, your child will be allocated a start and end time to the day which may be different to other pupils. This may be 8.50 / 9.00 / 9.10am for drop off and either 3.00 / 3.10 / 3.20pm for collection. All pupils spend the same amount of time in school each day. We have arranged this so all families can bring siblings to school at the same time, making it easer for you. Please try and stick to your allocated times. 

If they are a few minutes late, they will receive a late mark however if they arrived after 9.30 am when registers are complete then they will get a ‘U’ mark which will affect their attendance.

When a child arrives late at the start of the school day, it is very disruptive to their learning and the learning of their classmates. Mrs Sheard will contact you if your child is late on a regular basis to discuss any issues you or your child may be having.

Also it is important that you inform school if you are going to be late collecting your children at 3.15 pm so children are not panicking. Children who are not picked up will be taken to the after school club and parents will be contacted and then charged for the session.

We ask that when possible, parents make doctor and dentist appointments outside of the school day. If appointments need to be made during the school day then please inform school IN WRITING of the appointment, including details of the time your child is to be collected and returned to school.

Keeping School Informed
It is very important that you contact school if your child is not coming in that day; if we do not hear from you then school will contact you or may call at your home. Please be clear on the reason for your child’s absence, let us know what is wrong with them.

You can let us know in any of the following ways:

If your child is off school for more than one day, please contact us every two days to let us know when your child is likely to return to school. Please look at our Attendance Policy for help and support.

Holidays in Term Time
Holidays in term time are not permitted unless in exceptional circumstances, examples of which are in the policy. Taking a child on holiday in term may incur a fixed penalty – currently £60 per child per parent.

Addressing Poor Attendance
If your child’s attendance drops under 95%, Mrs Sheard may contact you  to discuss any issues you or your child may be having. A letter will be sent informing you of our concerns and a meeting in school may be arranged to discuss what support can be offered to you and your child. This could involve the Education Welfare Officer.

Further Guidance 

When Should I Keep my Child off School?