Years 1 & 2

This half term in Year 1 we are learning about dinosaurs.  We about which dinosaurs are carnivores and herbivores and about what we can find out from their bones.  Also we will be finding out more about famous palaeontologists like Mary Anning.  In our art lessons we will be looking at sculptures and will  be using clay to create our own dinosaur bones.

In science we will be looking at the differences between carnivores and herbivores and we will even be looking at dinosaur poo to see what we can find out!

This half term in Year 1/2 and 2 we are learning all about Kenya. We will find out about the physical and human features of Kenya and compare and contrast these to Bradford.

In Science, we will be learning about habitats and how animals have adapted to survive in different climates. We will be looking at endangered animals such as letters promoting conservation.

In art we will be looking at traditional African fabric and learning how to create repeating patterns.


Year 1 & 2 Teachers

Sycamore – Miss Sykes
Beech – Mrs Fenton, Miss Fallon
Chestnut  – Mrs Borwell
Support Staff – Mr Womersley, Miss Aveyard , Miss Ramsden and Mrs Farrell

Important Days

Monday – PE -Chestnut and Sycamore 

Tuesday – PE – Beech 

Wednesday – Forest school, PE and RE over a 3 week cycle
Homework uploaded to See saw
Thursday – 
Friday – Reading books changed and sent home

Gallery and Homework

Phonics Play
Oxford Owl